• Eat Farmed Seaweed!

    The MSE announces the launch of its Eat Farmed Organic Seaweed Initiative. Farmed seaweed represents aquaculture at its best. Low impact and sustainable. As demand for seaweed grows we must transition from wild harvest seaweeds to farmed seaweeds. Wild kelp beds are rapidly disappearing and wild harvesting pressure is accelerating this loss. Seaweed is an essential part of our marine ecosystem and must be protected. Eating farmed organic seaweed assures access to the health benefits of eating seaweed while preserving our marine resources. Join us in supporting farmed organic seaweed!


    Kelp Collaborative

    The Kelp Collaborative matches buyers and sellers of farmed seaweed at no charge while offering training and support. This innovative program aims to provide access to processing and markets for seaweed farmers.

    New Seminar Announced: Seaweed Business and Investment Opportunities

    4/20 Stanford CA and 4/22 NYC

    NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 concerns these programs will be rescheduled to some time in 2021. Kindly check back for updates.

    Seaweed aquaculture is attracting tremendous attention nationally and globally. This full-day seminar is designed to separate the hype from the reality of seaweed aquaculture with a focus on US domestic production.

    The program will be divided into two sessions. The morning session will focus on seaweed production, post-harvest processing, and value-added products. The afternoon session will explore business opportunities and challenges, including permitting, start-up costs, market opportunities, product development, and investment opportunities and timelines.

    This is a must-attend event if you are considering entering the farmed seaweed industry or investing in this exciting segment of the blue-green economy. The cost is $485 per person and includes a networking luncheon and a complimentary copy of the MSE Seaweed Industry Analysis report. Learn More.

  • A Non-Profit Dedicated to Aquacultured Seaweed Education and Research

    Maine Seaweed Exchange

  • What We Do

    We support the aquacultured seaweed industry through advocacy, education, and research.

    Maine Seaweed Exchange

    Mission: Organic, Sustainable, and Restorative


    The Maine Seaweed Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to:

    • Seaweed farming education;
    • Supporting seaweed farmers and their communities;
    • Research on seaweed farming and seaweed products;
    • Assist industry partners in developing markets for seaweed products and increase distribution channels;
    • Identify and assist?industry?partners to develop branding/marketing opportunities, including differentiating certifications such as USDA organic; and
    • Create and support innovation in the aquaculture seaweed industry.

    Contact us for more information.

    Join Us!

    Your Support is Essential!


    Supporting our mission is simple. There are two levels of participation:

    1. Sustaining Member. Your contribution will support our work to provide innovative?educational and research programs that will support our local marine communities and create a healthier environment through sustainable aquaculture.
    2. Industry Member. Industry members support our work through either financial?support or partnering with us to create innovative?and collaborative programs that will make sustain a vibrant and innovative seaweed aquaculture industry.

    As a 501(c)(3) your support maybe be tax deductible. Contact us for more information and to apply.

  • News & Initiatives

    MSE Initiatives

    MSE Seaweed Conference & Fair

    Maine Seaweed Fair and Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference are awaiting 2020 dates.

    The Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference is an intensive day of learning and exchange of ideas to support new and existing seaweed farmers in developing best practices and innovation. The Maine Seaweed Fair is an exciting day of celebrating all things seaweed. Learn More.

    MSE Certification - Apply Now

    MSE Certified Products Add Value

    Obtaining MSE Certification entitles you to use the MSE Approved label on your products and provides assurance to consumers that your products meet the highest standards. Learn More.

    Advocacy Work Groups

    MSE is taking the lead in seaweed aquaculture advocacy.

    MSE is actively forming workgroups to address the issues that affect the farmed seaweed industry, such as the using of non-local seaweed seed. Contact us for more information.

    Seaweed Farmer Certification

    MSE has partnered with the University of Massachusetts-Boston to Offer a Seaweed Farmer Certification Program.

    An MSE Seaweed Farmer Certification tells the world that you are a professional with expertise in sustainable aquaculture, food safety, and you have what it takes to grow the finest seaweed in the world!

    Learn More.

    Industry Standards & Exchange

    The MSE seeks to create commodity standards for seaweed to facilitate exchange-based transactions.

    The Maine Seaweed Exchange seeks to:

    • Define a commodity specification for various seaweed species;
    • Provide a forum for buyers and sellers of seaweed to connect;
    • Assist in coordinating processing?and packaging services for our members and others;
    • Develop a broker-dealer platform for seaweed and seaweed products;?
    • Assist in developing markets for seaweed products and increase distribution channels;
    • Identify and develop branding/marketing opportunities, including differentiating certifications such as USDA organic; and
    • Create and support innovation in the aquaculture seaweed industry.

    Contact us for more information.

    Kelp Collaborative

    The Kelp Collaborative is a Maine Seaweed Exchange Program designed to encourage the development of an organic network of seaweed farmers and processors to scale the industry with a sustainable community-based model. By providing training, support, and market opportunities to seaweed farmers and processors, we seek to develop high quality, high-value seaweed aquaculture industry based on shared values, collaboration, and passion for our work.

    Program Highlights:

    • The Kelp Collaborative is focused on creating a network of organically certified seaweed farms, drying facilities and processors to scale the industry in a community-based, collaborative way.

    • The Kelp Collaborative is open to new or existing seaweed farmers and anyone with an interest in drying or processing seaweed for additional income. MSE will assist farmers, dryers, and processors with required certifications, training, and facilitation services.

    • Kelp Collaborative members run their own independent businesses but work together as a larger industry. Members may list offers to buy, sell, distribute, or process farmed seaweed, or offer seaweed related services. Organic certification, shared standards, and shared infrastructure will allow members to work together to grow, dry, process, and sell high quality, high-value seaweeds.

    Current Sample Offerings:

    • Kelp Collaborative seaweed farmers can earn $1 per pound of wet seaweed.

    • Kelp Collaborative processing members can earn $5 per pound dry weight to dry seaweed-- seaweed is provided wet from another member’s farm and the member just has to dry it!

    • Integrated farm and drying facilities can earn $15 per pound for dry seaweed-- the member grows and dries the seaweed.

    Why this Program is Necessary:

    • Farmed seaweed has been attracting attention and funding, yet little to no funding is available for processing training and capacity.

    • Farmers are growing seaweed to only find there is little to no market to sell their crops. Many farmers stop growing after one or two years or enter into supply agreements that are below market value.

    • If farmed seaweed is to become a significant economic driver in our communities, processing capacity must be developed. The Kelp Collaborative’s goal is to address this significant obstacle to industry growth by developing capacity in our own backyards. MSE can help interested participants build, certify, and operate their own seaweed drying houses and processing facilities.

    Key Benefits:

    • The Kelp Collaborative provides the training and support necessary to start or grow a farmed seaweed industry business with a focus on farming and processing.

    • The Kelp Collaborative provides a forum and industry support structure to grow and develop seaweed aquaculture as a viable industry.

    Contact us for more information.

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